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Built for law students by law students, Lexplug brings you closer to the material for less. Get the most out of your legal education with Lexplug's innovative tools at your fingertips.

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Built for law students by law students, Lexplug is here to make interacting with cases more accessible, efficient, and engaging. We believe that AI can be used responsibly.

At Lexplug, we envision a future where legal knowledge is just a click away, simplified for universal understanding, and interactive like never before. Our goal is to make the intricacies of the law accessible, such that students can engage more easily with the concepts that matter.

Lexplug's strength lies in its student-centric use of artificial intelligence; our model is (importantly) always driven by targeted context reinforcement. This is what sets us apart from ChatGPT. This allows our system to comprehend legal cases with total precision, extracting key information, generating comprehensive case briefs, and powering interactive tools that save you time and effort without costing you accuracy or comprehension.

✨ Features:

🤖 Gunnerbot

Say hello to our revolutionary 'Gunnerbot'. Imagine having a direct conversation with a case—asking questions, seeking clarification, and getting answers in real-time. Gunnerbot transforms passive learning into an interactive experience, enhancing your understanding of the law.

"ELI5" Mode

We invented 'Explain Like I'm 5' Mode because pursuant to certain demands inherent to efficient pedagodgy, it is not requisite for us to exclusively employ obfuscated legal verbiage in the entirety of contexts. Translation: Sometimes we just want things spelled out simply.

Instant Brief Generation

Looking for a case that isn't in our system? No problem! With our new brief generation tool, simply enter in the case name, year, and reporter and hit 'Go'. In 3 minutes or less your case will be briefed, ELI5'd, Gunnerbot-ingested, and ready to use!

Hallucination Free

AI doesn't have to be the boogey man. We've all heard the stories. That's why we designed our proprietary Primary Context Reinforcement system, so you can rest assured that our information is case-text accurate every time.

The Largest Collection of its Kind

Get instant access to over 8,000 briefs and add the rest from our catalogue of over 4 million cases, ready to go within 3 minutes (90 seconds on average).

For Students By Students

Built with love by 3Ls, Lexplug is the product of nearly three years of experience with legal education tools. We're proud to offer a premium platform, infused with the insights, experiences, and goals gathered from our studies. We've created a tool designed to not just meet, but exceed expectations.


🤖 Gunnerbot and ELI5 Mode

Use the Gunnerbot to speak directly to cases in real time.
"Explain Like I'm 5" Mode simplifies the brief to plain english.

Brief Generation

With "On the Fly" Brief Generation, Lexplug gives you access to Briefs and Gunnerbot for over 8 million cases.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Lexplug is a new Case Brief site that was built by law students for law students. Our goal is to help law students understand cases more clearly and efficiently. We have interactive tools tailored to each student to make understanding easier. Think Case Briefs but better.
  • Yes! All subsciptions automatically come with a 7 day free trial.

  • Simply put, we built the product that we wish we had before we were 3Ls.
  • The Gunnerbot is case-specific, meaning that when you are talking to the Gunnerbot you are necessarily talking about one specific case. When you go to a case's brief, you will see the Gunnerbot for that case to the right of the brief (or below in the case of a mobile device). In other words, on Case_A's page, the gunnerbot you see is automatically wired to Case_A.
  • That little button is to 'Explain Like I'm 5'. It will convert your brief from a standard Law School brief to a simplified version that is in plain, everyday english.


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  • 8,000+ briefs for instant access
  • Generate new briefs from 4+ million cases in under 3 minutes
  • Gunnerbot Access
  • ELI5 Mode
  • 7 Day Free Trial

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  • 8,000+ briefs for instant access
  • Generate new briefs from 4+ million cases in under 3 minutes
  • Gunnerbot Access
  • ELI5 Mode
  • 7 Day Free Trial